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Query entryShow all annotations with in a patent. marc.zimmermann01 week 5 days ago
Query entryList pathways and their species according to an introduced term María Jesús01 week 6 days ago
Query entryAll proteins stored in Pathway commons endpoint related to a protein María Jesús02 weeks 2 hours ago
Query entryDisplay those drugs listed in the DIKB which are known to be cleared from the body primarily by renal clearance Esteban Saenz02 weeks 5 hours ago
Query entrySelect the preferred gene name and disease annotation of all human UniProt entries that are known to be involved in a disease María Jesús02 weeks 11 hours ago
Query entryPathway information attending to the controller María Jesús02 weeks 16 hours ago
Query entryGene information on chromosome, mgi identifier, gene function, references and cytolocation María Jesús02 weeks 23 hours ago
Query entryAll those enzyme(s) that catalyze(s) a substrate according to the term introduced María Jesús02 weeks 1 day ago
Query entryGenetic features on symbol genes María Jesús02 weeks 1 day ago
Query entryInformation on AUI UMLS concepts according to the anatomic site and abnormal cells associated with a disease María Jesús12 weeks 2 days ago
Query entryFor the genes differentially expressed in asthma, get the gene products associated to a Reactome pathway María Jesús02 weeks 5 days ago
Query entryDisplay all classes included in this endpoint María Jesús02 weeks 5 days ago
Query entryGet all pathways with an introduced protein María Jesús02 weeks 6 days ago
Query entryFind me annotations which have been made by 2 tools in a patent. marc.zimmermann02 weeks 6 days ago
Query entry All ontologies sorted by creation date including contact name and number of terms only if these exist (OPTIONAL clause). María Jesús03 weeks 12 hours ago
Query entryWhat is the distribution of evidence types used to support or refute drug interaction related assertions in the DIKB? María Jesús03 weeks 17 hours ago
Query entryDisplay all information about the specie which contains the term introduced VictorSoto13 weeks 18 hours ago
Query entryList all drug-drug interactions that have been observed in a pharmacokinetic study mentioned in product labeling María Jesús03 weeks 18 hours ago
Query entryIDs of a specie from Taxonomy database María Jesús03 weeks 20 hours ago
Query entrySamples treated with a compound of or a more specific María Jesús03 weeks 1 day ago
Query entryComplexes stored in Reactome or PID database by using Pathwaycommons Database María Jesús03 weeks 2 days ago
Query entryThe reference list for an doi code María Jesús03 weeks 2 days ago
Query entryAll superpathways included in SGD database according to the introduced term María Jesús03 weeks 4 days ago
Query entryGive me all classes stored in DrugBank Angela_Santonja03 weeks 5 days ago
Query entryClone of Catalysis information on datset, sub-entity, the controlled and controller elements. María Jesús03 weeks 6 days ago