Protein by organism ID

This query access official Uniprot SPARQL Endpoint to retrieve all those UniProt entries that are associated with a given organism (using as input their organism identifier). The results shown is a sequence variant that leads to an aminoacid to another aminoacid substitution.

Select UniProt entries, given a taxon ID $taxon$ (e.g. 83333). The result is the proteins and their amino acid sequences. You should introduce a maximun number of results to be retrieved $number$ (e.g.10).

PREFIX up:<> PREFIX taxon:<> PREFIX rdf:<> PREFIX rdfs:<> SELECT ?protein ?aa WHERE { ?protein a up:Protein . ?protein up:organism ?organism . { ?protein up:organism taxon:??taxon. } UNION { ?protein up:organism ?organism . ?organism rdfs:subClassOf+ taxon:??taxon. } ?protein up:sequence ?s . ?s rdf:value ?aa } limit ??number