Information on wikipathway Pubmed references and also category, contributors and identifiers on pathways


Display information on wikipathway pages and the reference publication identifiers accroding to a identifier introduced by user as $ID$(e.g., 15782111). Also, this query extracts pathway information on category, contributors, identifier according to a term $term$ (e.g.,lysine). Appying a limit of results about $number$ (e.g., 100).

select ?s ?s1 ?label ?category ?contributor ?identifier ?isPartOf ?identifier where{ { ?s<><> . ?s<> ?category . ?s<>?contributor . ?s<>?identifier . ?s<>?label . FILTER regex(?label, "??term", "i").} UNION { ?s1<><> . ?s1<>?isPartOf . ?s1<>?ID . FILTER regex(?ID, "??ID", "i") . } } Limit ??number