Get differentially expressed genes where factor is the introduced by the user

Get differentially expressed genes where factor introduced corresponds with a EFO code $code$ (e.g., 0000270 that corresponds with asthma)
A limit of results per page $number$ (e.g.10)
PREFIX rdf: <> PREFIX rdfs: <> PREFIX owl: <> PREFIX dcterms: <> PREFIX obo: <> PREFIX sio: <> PREFIX efo: <> PREFIX atlas: <> PREFIX atlasterms: <> SELECT distinct ?expressionValue ?dbXref ?pvalue ?propertyValue WHERE { ?expUri atlasterms:hasAnalysis ?analysis . ?analysis atlasterms:hasExpressionValue ?value . ?value a atlasterms:IncreasedDifferentialExpressionRatio . ?value rdfs:label ?expressionValue . ?value atlasterms:pValue ?pvalue . ?value atlasterms:hasFactorValue ?factor . ?value atlasterms:isMeasurementOf ?probe . ?probe atlasterms:dbXref ?dbXref . ?factor atlasterms:propertyType ?propertyType . ?factor atlasterms:propertyValue ?propertyValue . ?factor rdf:type efo:EFO_??code. } limit ??number